Plant Hanger and Gutter System

The drain gutter is formed in one piece along the length of the row in the greenhouse by roll steel sheet using mobile roll sheet bending line machine. Therefore, there is no problem with transportation and leakage from joints. Painted galvanized steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, it has long life. As it is raised from the floor with the hanger system, it facilitates labour operations, provides humidity and makes disease control more safely. As the cold weather is heavy, it covers the greenhouse floor and the root zone becomes cold, sufficient elevation above the soil level provides more ideal results in terms of root and plant development.

The carrier drainage gutter ensures that the manure water leaking from the production beds is collected for recycling. Section feature of our gutter system is designed to drain water from the sides, so that prevents the spreading of diseases from one plant to another. The greenhouse floor will be covered with woven ground cover in order to prevent weed growth and provide a sanitary environment.

The gutter is made of 600×0,6 mm painted galvanized sheet and is produced as a single piece in the greenhouse along the greenhouse line. 6 rows of gutter shall be used with a space of 9.6 meters.