Humidification and Fogging System

Humidification and cooling application with fogging method will be done with 80-100 bar high-pressure ceramic piston pump and cross fog atomization heads. Fogging will be controlled automatically by computer automation according to time interval, ambient temperature and humidity. Water particles that are atomized by spraying at high pressure are absorbed by the air and provide the necessary moisture. The energy released during the sudden evaporation, cools the environment.

Main units

• High Pressure Pumps – 100 Bar 9 x 42 l / min,
• Electric motor 380V 50Hz. 9 x 7.5 kW,
• Pressure regulators and bypass
• Manometer 0-160 Bar.
• Inlet Water Control Valve
• Low Pressure Warning Switch
Water Filter Units: 3 x 8 ton / h filter group
• Filter – 5 micron.
• Filter – 20 micron

Electrical Control Panels for All Units are in CE standards and time controlled.
3 Digital Humidity and Temperature Control Units are available.

Fogging Lines

• Pipes are made of SS 304, connections are made of SS 316 stainless steel.
~ 270m. 22×1,5 mm Main Line // ~ 3,000m. 12×1 mm Fogging Line Pipe
• Welded Nozzle Carrier Bodies – SS 303 2.620 pcs.
• Stainless Fogging Nozzles-Pin and Drip Cutter Springs
No: 3, 8.4 l / min. @ 100 Bar. 2,650 pcs.
Desired Values: Temperature: 27-28ºC, Humidity: 65-70%
Required Water Values: Ph-7, Hardness: 3-10 Fr. Inlet Pressure: 2-6 Bar